Unclogging Air Ducts: A Comprehensive Guide

Keeping your air ducts clean is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home. From pet hair to pollen, it's normal to worry that your air ducts will be filled with anything that will make you sneeze. If you suspect mold, pests, or excessive dust and debris in the system, it's worth cleaning them professionally. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to unclog an air duct. To start, cover ventilation openings with paper towels.

Then, set the thermostat to the FAN ON position. This will help to remove any dirt and dust from the air ducts. Next, unscrew the air duct covers and remove the plates from the air vents. This will give you access to the outside of the air ducts directly around the duct opening. Tap them gently to dislodge dirt and dust so you can vacuum them. It's important to differentiate between air duct obstructions and other issues that can occur in the HVAC unit.

If you have addressed all of the available air duct solutions, contact your local air conditioning and heating authority for advice. Finally, change your air duct filters every 90 days to prevent dust from flowing through the vents. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air ducts need to be cleaned only if there is visible mold, pests, or excessive dust and debris in the vents. Learning to clean air ducts by vacuuming accessible areas when changing the HVAC filter is quick and easy. If you follow these steps, you can unclog your air ducts with ease.

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